**BOAT SHOW SPECIAL $200 off  Lift Slip**
In honor of the Baltimore boat show this past weekend…NEW West Shore lift slip customers will get $200 off lift slip rental for 2019-2020 season!

Come enjoy our immaculate bathrooms and tropical pool area with a grill to cookout on every weekend. Not to mention our flat screen TV to watch your favorite teams play!

Why you Need a Lift Slip

Our lift slips keep your boat safe and secure out of the water. This not only keeps your boat cleaner, but you don’t have to worry about adjusting your ropes from the changing tides, or even a summer storm rocking your boat around. You keep your boat on the lift ALL YEAR around. This means you don’t have to haul out your boat, paying the extra expense to do so. You can have your favorite mobile mechanic come work on your boat on the lift if needed. You can also prepare your boat for winter and shrink wrap it on the lift! It doesn’t get anymore convenient than operating your own lift on your own time, whenever you please.

We live onsite at the marina, so someone is always here checking on the boats to make sure everything is looking good. We send out weekly newsletters on things happening around the bay. That way you always have new things to do, and new bars and restaurants to go visit on your boat. We also love to keep in touch with our slip customers and let them know when we plan on having pot luck cookouts, or Sunday breakfast in the cabana.

Do not miss this opportunity to have your own lift. We can’t wait to meet you, and show you our around our marina and have you become a part of the West Shore family.

Reserve your lift before March 15th in order to get this awesome deal! To get the lift slip special of $200 off for new customers, call us at (410) 686-6998.

Visit our pricing page here.

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