About Us

Now that you have the boat of your dreams (at least for now) and you’re looking for the best place ever to keep it… am I right so far? A little bit about us… We are a family of  boating addicts, I mean we’re personally on our 12th boat. If you look closely at the aerial shot on the home page, we are on the end of the T head. This is our 76’ Lazzara. We love it here so much… thankfully because we live here too. The fact that we live here enables us to be available if you need anything and for us to be able keep an eye on your boat.

We make it a priority for you to feel at home here, we keep the place clean, provide inviting well-kept restrooms with heated floors, air conditioning, and immaculate showers. Our docks are wonderful, they are nice and wide, including our full length finger piers that you can take a full wheel barrel all the way down. There is water and electric at every slip for your convenience.

We also take pride in having a swimming pool area that is enticing and welcoming for all. Surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants makes you feel as though you’ve been transported to the tropics, that even includes hammocks, perfect for a beachy-feel getaway. One end of the pool has a sun shelf with 6” of water with 2 tiki umbrellas to provide shade if needed and a place for little ones to swim safely. Spring 2018 we added a larger fenced in pool area for more hammocks and relaxation.

On a more personal note, my family… which is my husband Joe, and my 2 children (which they aren’t any more) Justin and Jennifer, have spent our lives boating. I got my first boat for my 6th birthday, on a cold rainy December day.

I was so excited I went straight to the river and launched my amazing rubber boat. My life was forever changed. My husband and I met because we were boaters, we kept our boats at the same place. We raised our kids on boats which later became the reason we chose the boats we did. Going from high performance “Top Priority” (76MPH) “Fountain of Youth” (94mph) to “Just Kidn” a slower, fat (30mph with A/C and comforts) to “Still Kidn”(48’ Sea Ray Sedan Bridge) which we traveled to Florida and throughout the Bahamas…. all the while Home schooling and exploring (mainly so we could spend more time on the boat) told you we are addicts! Now that you know our live’s story, let us be apart of yours!

I hope you decide to keep your boat with us at West Shore Yacht Center.
We’ll make you feel right at home.


Captain Lisa C. Taylor


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